2017 SyScan360 | SyScan360 Information Security Conference 新加坡

2017 SyScan360 | SyScan360 Information Security Conference

2018 SyScan360 - Singapore

Date: March 22nd – 23rd, 2018.

Venue: Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel, Singapore

With very strong support from the senior management of Qihoo360 we are very glad to bring SyScan360 back to Singapore again. SyScan360 in Singapore will continue to be a single-tracked 2-day conference focusing on high quality and in-depth security research.

We will continue to offer one of the best speakers’ privileges in the hacking conference circuit to attract the best speakers with the best presentations/research.

To make it more exciting, there will be a BEST SPEAKER CONTEST. The winner of this contest will win a trip to China at the later part of 2018 to attend SyScan360 as a VIP.


  1. #SmartDeviceHacking (IoT, smart vehicles, smart phones, UAV etc)
  2. #CIPHacking (SCADA, ICS, Telco and Banking infrastructure)
  3. #OffensiveSECURITY


The Selection Committee for SyScan360 Singapore 2018 comprises of the following personnel:

  1. Thomas Lim - Organiser of SyScan and CEO of COSEINC
  2. MJ0011 - Head of Vulcan Team, Qihoo360

* The Selection Committee will review all submissions and determine the final list of speakers.


Your submission will be judged by your ability to communicate succinctly in writing, how good we think the talk sounds, what other people say about you behind your back and whether, frankly, we feel like people are going to be happy they paid money to see you yap for more or less an hour.


Speakers will be entitled to the following privileges:

  1. Reimbursement of air-ticket for one person up to a maximum amount of SGD1500 (1 ticket only).
  2. Three nights of accommodation.
  3. Breakfast, lunch and dinner during conference.
  4. A very healthy dose of alcohol and fun.
  5. Speaker’s Honorarium of SGD1000 if your presentation is BRAND NEW..


All submissions must be in English via cfp@syscan360.org.
All submissions must be in English and in PDF format only via cfp@syscan360.org.
The following information must be included.

Section A - Personal Data:

  1. Name
  2. Handler/Alias
  3. Email Address
  4. Company
  5. Brief biography
  6. Photo

Section B - Presentation Data:

  1. Title of presentation
  2. Category of Presentation
  3. Time Required for Presentation
  4. Newness of Material
  5. Availability of Demo
  6. Summary of Presentation


  1. CFP Closing Date – November 31st, 2017


Please feel free to visit SyScan360 website to get a feel what this conference is all about - LEARN AND HAVE FUN!

By agreeing to speak at the SyScan360 2017 you are granting the Organiser of SyScan360 the rights to reproduce, distribute, advertise and show your presentation including but not limited to https://www.syscan360.org, printed and/or electronic advertisements, and all other mediums.